Erotic massage is very different. And here it is necessary «erotic caresses» remember, because it seems to me that they do it most professionally there. For the sake of this, it is worth a ride, because well, the reward is appropriate. I do not think that it is appropriate to tell the details on a forum that children can read in such and such a way.

Isoropia Therapeutic Massage LLC
I have made healing a life long journey.  
I always loved to help people and animals.
I worked on the ambulance as a paramedic, then took time off to
start and raise a family.
When I went back to work I wanted to do something
I was passionate about, that encompassed my medical knowledge.
I chose massage because
I felt that it was a great way to help people.
When I learned massage I took a special interest in medical massage
and  manual therapies.  
I constantly take classes to build up my tool box so I can better
help my clients guide their body’s to better performance,
and better health.
"I am dedicated to helping  guide your body, mind and spirit
back to balance and better performance."

Leslie Amatrudo, LMT, Reiki Master,
Accredited Bowen Practioner