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Isoropia Therapeutic Massage LLC
Swedish Massage:
Is a gentle and very powerful way to relax and take a vacation for 1 hour.
I use essential oils and heat to transport you away from everyday stress

Deep Tissue:
When you have knots in your muscles that just need deep pressure to release them.

Detox Massage:
This is a variety of light moves from many modalities put together to help move the lymph fluid
so that the body can get back to balance. It is extremely helpful for people with Lyme,  
or anyone who is recovering from illness, or   if  you need extra support for the immune system.

Cranial Sacral:
A very gentle method of enhancing the function of the body by monitoring the cranial rhythm.
It compliments the body’s natural healing process. This is used as a preventative health measure
to enhance the immune system by bolstering resistance to disease.
It is effective for a wide range of medical problems associated with pain and dysfunction.
Bowen Therapy:  A holistic massage.  This is more of a body balancing  treatment.
It relaxes the autonomic nervous system so the body can start to heal  itself.  It is done with
specific moves with specific waits in a pattern. It is very subtle, but very powerful work. It is
great for athletes, injuries pre and post surgery, chronic pain that nothing else has helped,
strokes & much more. This can be done for anyone from birth to 110.
Scar Release Work:
This is very specific work done to old and not so old scars.  When scar tissue forms in the body, it restricts
movement and causes restriction in the body. Scar release work is essential to helping the body move freely and
stay strong.
Manual Lymph drainage:
A gentle wave like movement technique that works to activate the body’s circulation system to
stimulate the functioning immune system and parasympathetic nervous system.
This can help reduce edema, detoxify the body, regenerate the tissue as well as many other benefits.
Will also help in anti ageing and reduction of adipose and cellulite tissue.

Structural remediation:
Making a chart of the body,  than using many modalities  and exercise to bring the body  out of compensation
patterns. Back into alignment and into optimum balance

A Japanese Technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing.
It is administered by “laying of hands” and is based on tapping into the “life’s energy force”
"I am dedicated to helping  guide your body, mind and
spirit backto balance and better performance."

1 hour $70.00        1&1/2 hour $120.00         ½ hour $40.00

Chair Massage $1.00 per min        Out Calls $125.00 per hour
                (15 min. minimum)
Buyers health club:
Buy 3 or more and take
15% off the total price.